Departmental Bulletin Paper Moodleを活用した大規模コンピュータリテラシー教育の実践および成績データ分析の試み

笹倉, 理子  ,  竹内, 純人  ,  吉田, 利信  ,  ササクラ, ミチコ  ,  タケウチ, スミト  ,  ヨシダ, トシノブ  ,  Sasakura, Michiko  ,  Takeuchi, Sumito  ,  Yoshida, Toshinobu

28(1) ( 28(1) )  , pp.11 - 20 , 2016-02-01 , The University of Electro-Communications
In this paper, we show a practice of a large scale class “Computer Literacy” that is managed to learn informational science basics and skills for all over 900 first grade students in the University of Electro-Communications. Every year, before beginning this class, students are divided into 14 different groups, and 14 teachers are assigned to each group. So, we introduced the Learning Management System “Moodle” from 2010, and unified the learning curriculum, grading system, attendance management, questionnaire and Q&A message board system used on the Web.Providing web-based learning environment integrated by Moodle to students, we have been able to improve the class management. Finally, we also show a study of analyzing grade data stored in Moodle database.

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