Thesis or Dissertation In vivo calcium regulation in diabetic skeletal muscle

江島, 弘晃  ,  エシマ, ヒロアキ  ,  Eshima, Hiroaki

pp.1 - 111 , 2015-03-25 , The University of Electro-Communications
The morphological and functional property in the skeletal muscle is associated with intracellular Ca2+([Ca2+]i)homeostasis. In this thesis,[Ca2+]i homeostatic control mechanism was investigated by in vivo bioimaging on animal model of diabetes mellitus to associate with fragility of the skeletal muscle. As a result,the diabetic animal model found the phenomenon that Ca2+ readily accumulated in cytoplasm by muscle contractions. This study developed Ca2+ injection technique to muscle fiber to clarify mechanism of the dysfunction of [Ca2+]i homeostasis. These studies model demonstrated that the Ca2+ release-uptake system was impaired in the diabetes animals. In addition,this study confirmed that the depression of [Ca2+]i homeostasis occurred in fast and slow muscle in diabetes. This study evidenced that fragility of diabetic skeletal muscle was associated with depression of the [Ca2+]i homeostasis by an in vivo bioimaging.

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