Departmental Bulletin Paper 医療的ケアを要する在宅療養児とその家族への災害時支援のための基礎的研究
The basic research for support at the time of a disaster to a recuperation child at home and the family who need medical care

松下, 聖子  ,  まつした, せいこ  ,  Matsushita, Seiko  ,  名桜大学人間健康学部

(25)  , pp.129 - 135 , 2016-03 , 名桜大学総合研究所
The objective of the present study was to elucidate the ways in which a recuperation child at home care recipients requiring medical care and their families living in Okinawa Prefecture, which is prone to typhoons, deal with typhoons and other disasters. An anonymous self-report questionnaire survey was conducted using the placement method on a total of 45 individuals comprising home care recipients requiring medical care and their families. The implementation rate was calculated for each item concerning general and medical preparations for disasters by taking the responses of “Applies” and “Mostly applies” to be “Implementation”. The results showed that for general preparations, the implementation rate was 100.0% for “Pay attention to disaster information”, 50.0% for “Discuss evacuation procedure and site with family”, and 42.3% for “Check evacuation centers and routes”. As for medical preparations for disasters, the implementation rate was 92.3% for “Know which drugs to carry in the event of evacuation”, 88.5% for “Keep drugs in a place known to family”, and 69.2% for “Understand the points of caution in life at evacuation centers”. Free responses included “Want assistance during transfer”,“Want an air-conditioned environment”, and “Want opportunities to learn what types of support will be necessary”. The above results indicate that even though subjects paid close attention to disaster information, they had not considered specific actions for dealing with disasters.

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