Departmental Bulletin Paper 元東村村長宮里松次夫人の台湾・沖縄経験 : 宮里ミヱ子オーラルヒストリー
Memories and Living Experiences in Taiwan and Okinawa by the widow of former Higashi Village mayor Matsuji Miyazato : An Oral History of Mieko Miyazato

菅野, 敦志  ,  すがの, あつし  ,  Sugano, Atsushi  ,  名桜大学国際学群

(25)  , pp.107 - 119 , 2016-03 , 名桜大学総合研究所
This is one of a series of interviews which are the fruits of an oral history project that focuses on collecting memories of Okinawan / Japanese people who had living experience in Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial Era. The project's aim is not to record the political or economic success of prominent individuals; rather, it emphasizes recording personal life and experiences of ordinary citizens of the time, which would not be recorded in an official history. The first of this series is the oral history of Mieko Miyazato. She is the wife of Matsuji Miyazato, who was a former mayor of Higashi Village in Okinawa, from 1962 to 1984. This series of oral history interviews were supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant (Number: 25257009).

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