Departmental Bulletin Paper 沖縄観光産業史に関する研究 : 沖縄国際海洋博覧会開催を境とする前後10年の沖縄観光を中心として
Historical Aspect of Okinawa's Tourism Industry : Okinawa's Tourism in the pre and post decades of Okinawa International Ocean

宮城, 敏郎  ,  伊良皆, 啓  ,  大谷, 健太郎  ,  みやぎ, としろう  ,  いらみな, ひろの  ,  おおたに, けんたろう  ,  Miyagi, Toshirou  ,  Iramina, Hirono  ,  Otani, Kentaro  ,  名桜大学国際学群

(25)  , pp.33 - 42 , 2016-03 , 名桜大学総合研究所
Precedent researches on the Okinawa International Ocean Exposition of '75 (Expo'75) are mostly focusing on the circumstances, political background, impacts of the exposition; moreover, these researches are mainly focused on short terms. However, those researches which primarily focused on long term impacts and/or effects of Expo '75 are limited. In order to comprehend historical profile of Okinawa's tourism, it is critical to review long term industrial structures before and after Okinawa's annexation to Japan and Expo '75. Therefore, this study aims to clarify and reevaluate industry structures of Okinawa in the pre and post decades of the Exposition, how the Expo '75 affected development Plan and Tourism Development Plan of Okinawa, and positive and negative impacts of the Exposition.

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