Departmental Bulletin Paper 「歩く」ことの復権 : ポケモンGOの社会学②
Restoration of ‘walking’ : Sociology of Pokémon GO ②

圓田, 浩二  ,  マルタ, コウジ  ,  Marta, Koji  ,  沖縄大学法経学部法経学科教授

(27)  , pp.33 - 45 , 2017-09 , 沖縄大学法経学部
This paper focuses on “walking” in Pokémon GO and analyzes it sociologically and describes it. This game is a game application that became popular worldwide and caused various social problems. In this paper, I refer to John Urry’s “Sociology of Mobility”.Pokémon GO works in conjunction with walking in the game and walking in the real world space, and in moving the game, it is essential to move in the real world. Discuss the significance of the racteristics of form of move “walking” in modern society, the development of that strategy and tactics, the consuming places resulting from it, and the creation of landscapes. Finally, in the modern society “walking” is gaining attention from the aspect of health care and recommended, Pokémon GO has given a new meaning of move to “walking”. “Walking” to the pre-modern society was the only choice and the primary form to choose. By playing with Pokémon GO, "walking" was restored in modern societywhere various technologies were developed, and its significance was reexamined.

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