Departmental Bulletin Paper 社会現象としての「ポケゴー」の分析 : ポケモンGOの社会学①
Analysis of “PokeGo” as the social phenomenon : Sociology of Pokémon GO ①

圓田, 浩二  ,  マルタ, コウジ  ,  Maruta, Koji  ,  沖縄大学法経学部法経学科教授

(27)  , pp.19 - 32 , 2017-09 , 沖縄大学法経学部
Pokémon GO is a game application for smartphones and tablet released in July 2016.In this paper, I analyze about the various social problems caused by Pokémon GO, the birth and acceptance of Pokémon as a global character, the reason why Pokémon GO hit globally, and the production of Pokémon GO. Academically, I push forward a escriptionand analysis using play theory, body theory, game theory and others. And this paper iders the characteristics which is the cause of the influence Pokémon GO has given to ociety from a sociological point of view and alyzes the potential possibilities of the gameapplication Pokémon GO from the dimension of sociality. The hypothesis of this paper isto pose and elucidate the question of hether Pokémon GO has caused something differentfrom the conventional games, “new social changes in a new society and changes in humanthought or sensation”. The method collected and explored literature written about “play”,“body”, and “video game”, and I performed the fieldwork (observation of articipation)about the player of Pokémon GO (“Pokémon trainer”), I gathered a great number ofremarks on the Internet. In conclusion, Pokémon GO brings about changes in new society and changes in human thoughts and senses, and makes reality a game. A number ofproblems arising from that will have to be solved by attaching “compromise” with society.

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