Departmental Bulletin Paper 平和構築をめざす体験型異文化間教育 : 交流事業「アジアの架け橋沖縄スリランカプロジェクト」の実践からの考察
Bridge Building and Peace Building : A case study on Developing and Implementing an Experience-based Intercultural Education Program

ディリープ, チャンドララール  ,  でぃりーぷ, ちゃんどららーる  ,  Dileep, Chandralal  ,  沖縄大学人文学部

This paper discusses the potential of experience-based intercultural education for peace building by treating “Asian Bridge: Okinawa Sri Lanka Project for Passing down ‘Life and Peace’” as a case study.The project has been conducted in Okinawa for the past five years, annually inviting a group of junior high school students from Sri Lanka. The research follows three stages of analysis. First, the paper shows that there is a solid concept behind the project. Second, turning to the aspects of implementation, the research examines the results of the surveys conducted among students. Finally, the author critically reviews several kinds of practical problems and conflicts that remain to be resolved.

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