Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本におけるエコツーリズムの観光社会学的分析 : 飯能地区・慶良間諸島・みなかみ町・知床半島・小笠原諸島を事例として
Sociological Analysis of Eco-Tourism in Japan : Hanno, Kerama Islands, Minakami, Shiretoko Peninsula, Ogasawara Islands as a Case

圓田, 浩二  ,  まるた, こうじ  ,  Maruta, Koji  ,  沖縄大学法経学部

The purpose of this paper is to consider the success or failure with the introduction of Japanese eco-tourism in Japan. Fieldwork was performed in five areas in Japan. Ecotourism efforts in the areas were reported and analyzed. Conclusively, Japanese eco-tourism is hard to establish in area that have already been managed as a tourism area. It is difficult to do in areas that are already used as tourist destinations, and it is more compatibility in the area that rather is not a tourism area. In addition, Japanese eco-tourism has larger disadvantages than advantages and probably will not spread nationwide.

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