Departmental Bulletin Paper 沖縄県内高等教育機関における障がい学生支援の現状と課題 : 聴覚障がい学生支援を中心として
The situation and issues about support systems for students with disabilities who enroll institutions of higher education in Okinawa prefecture : Focusing on support systems for deaf or hard of hearing students

横山, 正見  ,  よこやま, まさみ  ,  Yokoyama, Masami  ,  地域研究所特別研究員  ,  障がい学生支援コーディネーター  ,  非常勤講師

(16)  , pp.149 - 163 , 2015-09 , 沖縄大学地域研究所
This paper attempts to grasp the situation about support systems for students with disabilities, focusing on deaf or hard of hearing students by visiting institutions of higher education in Okinawa prefecture. It is found out that the number of students with disabilities are increasing and the support systems for their students are changing. It is also found out that there are some issues as follows: 1. They can’t provide all kinds of support menus all the time because of their small or mediumsized institutional scale. 2. The support systems for students with disabilities will not last long and they are up to the enrollment of those students. Once the enrollments of the students with disabilities stop, they stop those kinds of supporting efforts either. 3. The supporting efforts for the students with disabilities vary among respective institutions of higher education and the number of disabled students are concentrating in several institutions. In addition, it is also pointed out that the labor condition and educational systems of students with disabilities services coordinator staff are also problems. For future prospects, it is necessary to construct supporting systems according to their characters of those respective institutions and to build networking systems among those institutions in Okinawa prefecture.

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