Departmental Bulletin Paper 沖縄大学における聴覚障がい学生支援の軌跡と展望 : 聴覚障がい学生のライフヒストリーインタビューを中心に
The history and prospects about support systems for deaf or hard of hearing students in Okinawa University : Focus on life history interview with deaf or hard of hearing students

横山, 正見  ,  よこやま, まさみ  ,  Yokoyama, Masami  ,  地域研究所特別研究員  ,  障がい学生支援コーディネーター  ,  非常勤講師

(16)  , pp.47 - 79 , 2015-09 , 沖縄大学地域研究所
This paper attempts to reveal the history and prospects of support systems for the deaf or hard of hearing students in Okinawa University.The history of support systems in Okinawa University can be classified into three historical periods.Ⅰ.In 1980s: There were approximately 10 deaf or hard of hearing students by congenital rubella syndrome.Ⅱ.In 2000s: The organizational support activities began.Ⅲ.In 2010s: The support systems were established and developed. Most of the deaf or hard of hearing students decide to enroll in the Okinawa University for the enrichment of informational guarantee.Looking from setting up legislation about people with isabilities and the increasing number of deaf or hard of hearing students, they will continue to enroll.The life-history interview and the qustionary survey showed that infomational guarantee and the relationships with their friends in university life give the deaf or hard of hearing students their self affirmation. Furthermore, it was also found out that the experiences in university days affect their life after graduation.However, they still have problems in communication with the non-handicapped in their private life. These problems became clear after the process of enrichment of informationalguarantee was evolved through the public space of university lectures.For future prospects, it is hoped that a support organization and a place where they belongis prepared in Okinawa University. There are a lot of functions to be performed, such asputting human and information resources together, and showing new communication models,enlightening activities, enrichment of informational guarantee, building network systems,empowerment of the deaf or hard of hearing students.It is just the beginning of a new action program about support systems for the deaf or hard of hearing students in Okinawa University.

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