Departmental Bulletin Paper 財産権保障の意義と営業の自由規制立法の合憲性審査基準について
An analysis of the effects of “property rights”and the jurisdiction for “freedom of business”

仲宗根, 京子  ,  なかそね, きょうこ  ,  Nakasone, Kyoko  ,  法経学部

(24)  , pp.47 - 61 , 2015-11-30 , 沖縄大学法経学部 , Faculty of Law & Economics Okinawa University
This paper attempts to analyze how “freedom of business” is stipulated in or deduced from Japan's Constitutional Law by reviewing and developing traditional academic theories and judicial precedents、along with analyzing the elements of “property rights” as the foundation of“freedom of business”. And in the next stage, it attempts to analyze “freedom of business” in the context of “freedom by the public authority” which is based on“legal competition order”among enterprises including requisite measures to protect consumers.

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