Departmental Bulletin Paper C言語自動並列化トランスレータのための静的実行制御方式に基づく並列コード生成機構の実装とチューニングツールの試作
Implementation of Parallel Code Generator under Static Execution Control and Proposal of Performance Tuning Tool for Automatic Parallelizing Translator for C Programs

阿加井, 星  ,  甲斐, 宗徳

We have been studying an automatic parallelizing translator for sequential C programs with MPI, which is utilized by users without the knowledge for parallel programming languages and parallel computer architectures. In our parallelizing translator for C programs in the past, dynamic task execution control has been adopted for generated parallel programs, because it was difficult to analyze the costs of tasks, or execution time before actual execution. On the other hand, the researches on task scheduling technologies and task cost analysis has been evolved concurrently by another research groups in our laboratory and they are cooperating with the automatic parallelizing translator, so in this paper we report the implementation of generating parallel program with static task execution control and a tuning mechanism to reconfigure parallel programs by rescheduling with actual task execution time as task costs.

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