Departmental Bulletin Paper 再帰法を用いた簡易型スキー滑走経路ガイドシステム
A simple ski trail guide system using backtracking algorithm

小柳, 文子  ,  近, 匡  ,  池本, 満

Japanese ski resort areas have been widely recognized as superb with excellent snow conditions, facilities and beautiful natural environment. The Naeba and Kagura Ski Areas, have increased the number of foreign skiers. The convenient destination is located only two hours from Tokyo metropolitan. Kagura Ski Area is linked to Mt. Naeba (1,845m high) via the world's longest gondola (5.5km) and has 20 paths and 19 lifts. On the contrary, it is also pointed out that tourist when using these paths have trouble reaching the right destination. This paper describes a convenient trail guide system which provides a suitable path for each skier. This system was developed as a java applet for the aim of an easy access even from a personal tablet or a smart phone anywhere/anytime. Since the protocol is simply using backtracking algorithm, profitable and applicable for any platform, system can be easily modified and upgraded.

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