Departmental Bulletin Paper AgentSphereへのセキュリティの導入と並列分散処理向けファイルシステムの試作
Introduction of A Security Mechanism into AgentSphere and Prototype Design of A File System for Parallel Distributed Processing System

蓮見, 建太  ,  甲斐, 宗徳

The authors of this study are using mobile agents with capability of strong migration to develop AgentSphere, a platform for an autonomous parallel and distributed processing system that significantly reduces loads of the complex execution control for its users. In AgentSpheres on a network, agents can migrate autonomously among PCs and execute their own processes. In this paper, we introduce two kind of securities for AgentSphere, one for the protection of agents and another for the protection of the resource of each PC from the attacks by agents sent onto it. In addition, we reconsider the file access mechanism on AgentSphere and implement a new file system in order to access files on any AgentSphere from any AgentSphere safely and transparently.

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