Departmental Bulletin Paper 多数個並列接続MOSFETを用いた低温用低損失低電圧大電流スイッチの試作と超電導コイル充電回路への応用
Production of the low loss, low voltage and high current switch for 77K with multi parallel connected MOSFETs and the application to the superconducting coil charging circuit

ニノ宮, 晃  ,  杉山, 歩  ,  倉西, 康次

To make a quite low-resistance switch operated at 77K in liquid nitrogen bath, we utilize a multi-connected MOSFETs in parallel. The rated current and its resistance of the fabricated switch is 500A/400μΩ using 100 MOSFETs. And the excitation test of a superconducting coil was carried out using the proposed low-voltage/high current DC power source [1]. Test results show that excitation up to the quench current of 42A of the superconducting coil is made possible by the low-voltage of 0.3Vrms.

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