Departmental Bulletin Paper CAVEシステムを用いた仮想空間の実現とその活用
Realization and Utilization of Virtual Reality Environment with CAVE System

和田, 直哉  ,  小池, 淳  ,  宮川, 紘輔  ,  杉浦, 智之  ,  鈴木, 康大  ,  川原, 亮輔

In this paper, an installation of our CAVE virtual reality system and its application is described. A CAVE system is based on immersive projection to walls and floors. It can produce virtual reality environments by showing stereo, immersive and interactive view to users. The hardware configuration of our CAVE system consists of triple screen stereo projection and a PC cluster. The application development is performed with CAVELib API and OpenGL. The virtual reality environment realized by this system is utilized for intuitive education and reconstruction of 3D human model.

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