Departmental Bulletin Paper 加工工程設計支援システムの開発 (第2報) : 加工コストによる目的関数の複数化
Development of Support System for Process Planning in Machining (2nd Report) : Simultaneous Application of Multiple Objective Functions Based on Machining Cost

笠原, 和夫  ,  張, 成基  ,  池上, 敦子

We are working to develop a support system for process planning in machining. In the 1st part of this investigation, to improve the system’s applicability to products with a large number of holes, a greedy algorithm was used to search among solutions. Through comparison of the machining time obtained by the system with that obtained by operator design, it was confirmed that the configuration of the system is valid. To take the system’s two objective functions into account simultaneously, namely, minimization of machining time and minimization of electric energy consumption, here we propose a method to convert them into costs. The results show that process planning that prioritizes machining time instead of electric energy consumption is realistic, and that the percentages of the costs for machining time and electric energy consumption included in the machining cost vary depending on the shape of the workpiece.

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