Departmental Bulletin Paper 視写による作文学習の効果 : 大学院生を対象とした事例研究を通して
シシャ ニヨル サクブン ガクシュウ ノ コウカ : ダイガク インセイ オ タイショウ トシタ ジレイ ケンキュウ
An Effectiveness of Copying and Reading the Famous Author’s Anthology : Case Study of a Graduate Student

江川 , 克弘

32pp.209 - 217 , 2018/02 , 鳴門教育大学地域連携センター , Center for Collaboration in Community, Naruto University of Education
Multiple studies have showed that a learning method using copying is one of the effective learning methods to improve learner’s writing ability. But they were not long-term research or empirical studies. In this study, a graduate student had copied and read the famous author’s anthology for ten months. Then, I examined whether his writing ability was improved or not. As a result, I found that his writing ability was improved. And, from the results of the interview, I found that he had learned a variety of things in the process of copying and reading the famous author’s anthology. The results of this study show that it is effective to ntroduce the learning method, that is copying and reading the famous author’s anthology, to education.

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