Departmental Bulletin Paper 教員養成における「アクティブ・ラーニング」を実践する力量形成の試み
キョウイン ヨウセイ ニオケル アクティブ ラーニング オ ジッセン スル リキリョウ ケイセイ ノ ココロミ
Professional Development for Students in Teacher Training to Practice Active Learning

藤原, 伸彦  ,  木下, 光二  ,  森, 康彦  ,  若井, ゆかり  ,  仁木, 稔明

32pp.191 - 198 , 2018/02 , 鳴門教育大学地域連携センター , Center for Collaboration in Community, Naruto University of Education
This research reported our trial on professional development for students in teacher education to practice self-involved, interactive and deep learning, i.e., “active learning”. Undergraduate and graduate students participated in a workshop where they solved a task to learn a concept of “design thinking” in a group of four. After the workshop ended, students were requested to answer questions which asked whether they worked actively, interactively, creatively, and so on. The results of the questionnaire and video-recorded data showed that students worked actively and interactively. But they did not act creatively so much: They did not try to generate or externalize as many ideas as possible, and did not stimulate members to show their ideas who had limited chances to speak. To make certain of their development to practice active learning, students should receive lectures on related contents like design thinking, brainstorming, and facilitation should be given to them. Moreover, students should get feedback on their own activities in the workshop and experience similar workshops with reflection repeatedly.

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