Departmental Bulletin Paper アサーショントレーニングと野外活動の関係性
アサーション トレーニング ト ヤガイ カツドウ ノ カンケイセイ
Relationship of Assertion Training and Outdoor Activities

中本, 貴規  ,  南, 隆尚  ,  能條, 歩

32pp.19 - 25 , 2018/02 , 鳴門教育大学地域連携センター , Center for Collaboration in Community, Naruto University of Education
Assertion is one of the techniques for expressing communication, and its importance is suggested not only in the general society but also in the school field. The purpose of this research was to consider the relevance to outdoor activities where there are many opportunities for communication. The subjects were 15 college students (8 experimental students and 7 controlled students). In the experimental group, we conducted an assertive communication skill education invented by the author as well as outdoor activities. And we also conducted only education on assertion communication skill to the control group. We also conducted a survey before and after the activity and one month after the end. As a main result, it became clear that by incorporating assertive communication skill education into outdoor activities, students can have assertive attitudes and keep the sustainability of the effect for a long time.

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