Departmental Bulletin Paper 市町村教育委員会の指導行政について : 徳島県内の市町村教育委員会への質問紙調査より
シチョウソン キョウイク イインカイ ノ シドウ ギョウセイ ニツイテ : トクシマ ケンナイ ノ シチョウソン キョウイク イインカイ エノ シツモンシ チョウサ ヨリ
Instruction Administration of Municipal Board of Education : Questionnaire Survey for The Chairperson of Education Boards in Tokushima Prefecture

北島, 孝昭  ,  阪根, 健二

32pp.27 - 35 , 2018/02 , 鳴門教育大学地域連携センター , Center for Collaboration in Community, Naruto University of Education
It is a purpose that this study clarifies the present conditions of the instruction administration of municipal Board of Education from inventory survey. As a result, there are few Boards of Education where a supervisor is placed. The placement in the municipal expenditure is only one city. After law revision, the placement of the supervisor was not examined in most municipal Boards. But this inventory survey says that 4 municipalities examine the placement in own expenditure. The main charge duties of the supervisor are theadministration support of a curriculum and the subject meeting for the study, as for the contract employee, are the administration support of a curriculum and the student instruction. The duties that municipal Board made much of are human rights, anti-discrimination education, the school management administration support, special support education, school facilities management. The difficult duties by the existing staff and system are the support of the Community School, activity support after school, subject meeting for the study. The school visits are carried out for a premeditated precedent. The contents of visits are hearing of school management policies and the teaching plan, visits of the normal classes based on them.

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