Departmental Bulletin Paper 附属中学校における理科授業実践 : 原子と原子核のひみつ
フゾク チュウガッコウ ニオケル リカ ジュギョウ ジッセン : ゲンシ ト ゲンシカク ノ ヒミツ
Lesson Practice of RIKA(Science)in Fuzoku Middle School Attached to Naruto University of Education : The Secret of Atom and Atomic Nucleus

粟田, 高明

33pp.364 - 375 , 2018-02-15 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
We have arranged and performed the special lessons about contents of atom and atomic nucleus at attached middle school of university. Those lessons include a lecture for discovery of new atom in Japan (Nihonium) and for evolution of nucleus at universe, an observation for trajectory of radiation using cloud chamber, a measurement radiation dose rate of minerals using simple instrument, a playing game of decision of dispose land for high−level radioactive waste, an active learning and discussion each about the future of problem of high−level radioactive waste. In the revised Japan government guidelines for education (2017, Science(RIKA)), "Students have been concerned with things and a phenomenon of nature in advance, and then done observations and experiments it with a prospect, and learns to research scientifically as analyzing the result and interpreting it. In addition, from a point of view that be raised interest in actual feeling of significance and the useful of learning science, it have been made much of connected with everyday life and society." From the analyzing the results of questionnaire after class, it is clear that the students' interest of atom and relation things are great increasing, an active learning and/or discussion with each student are quiet interesting. We can successfully carried out class along the government guidelines for science education.

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