Departmental Bulletin Paper 「科学・技術者の発掘・養成講座」における数学領域の学習内容の教材化 : 立体模型の展開図の考察や計算尺の原理の理解を素材として
カガク ギジュツシャ ノ ハックツ ヨウセイ コウザ ニオケル スウガク リョウイキ ノ ガクシュウ ナイヨウ ノ キョウザイカ : リッタイ モケイ ノ テンカイズ ノ コウサツ ヤ ケイサンジャク ノ ゲンリ ノ リカイ オ ソザイ トシテ
Case Study of Teaching Materials on Consideration about the Net of the Torus and on Principle of the Slide Rule

金児, 正史  ,  成川, 公昭  ,  宮口, 智成

33pp.252 - 265 , 2018-02-15 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
The advanced scientific lectures, in which the contents the learners had not yet learned are utilized, have been held in Naruto University of Education from 2013. The number of the students who finished the learning was almost one hundred in the previous course. Three students who were in the 5th,6th and 7th grade joined the advanced mathematics lecture course in 2016. In this paper, we show the contents of mathematics lecture course the three students attended, especially the consideration about the net of the torus and the principle of the slide rule. Through the experience of teaching them in the advanced mathematics lecture course, we reconstruct teaching materials − the net of torus and the principle of the slide rule − for higher grade school students. We also show teaching plans for the upper school year students in this paper. We already held the lesson of the net of the torus for high school students according our teaching plan. In our future work, we will try to make the lesson of the principle of the slide rule in high school and university, and we would like to discuss about teaching materials and teaching plans.

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