Departmental Bulletin Paper 教員養成課程における「実践的指導力」育成に関する検討 : 体育授業を中心として
キョウイン ヨウセイ カテイ ニオケル ジッセンテキ シドウリョク イクセイ ニ カンスル ケントウ : タイイク ジュギョウ オ チュウシン トシテ
An Essay on Development of Teachers’ Teaching Force in Teacher Training Programs : As the Subjects of Physical Education Classes

梅野, 圭史  ,  藤澤, 薫里  ,  林, 修

33pp.464 - 484 , 2018-02-15 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
The purpose of this paper is to examine teachers’teaching force on physical education teaching. The present study was designed(a)to defined teachers’teaching force on school lessons from a stand point of studies on educational practices,(b)to refer a method of enhancing the teachers’teaching force on school lessons,(c)to consider about a teachers’awareness of pupil’s sign of stumbling in movement learning as a typical teaching ability,(d)to discuss teaching methods based on ‘physical education in elementary school’ in teacher training programs. We defined ‘teachers’ capability combined with technical and reflective practices’ as a teacher’s teaching force on school lessons, from thinking that maintain technical practice and reflective practices simultaneously. The more teacher has his/her sensitizing reflection, habitual practice of reflection in/on action, and educational belief and value, the higher teacher has capability on school lessons. Physical education teacher should be noticed pupil’s sign of stumbling in exercise. This teacher’s awareness will be able to develop by the general knowledge related to material of movements and the teacher’s practical knowledge formed by teaching experience. The student teaching is for learning those knowledges. In particular, it is important that student teacher has a teacher’s practical training skills based on pupil’s kinesthesia in those knowledges during this experience. It was concluded that student teachers in teacher training programs should be practice positively to the training to notice pupil’s sign of stumbling in exercise. In short, it is‘Strike while the iron is hot.’

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