Departmental Bulletin Paper 教科内容学からみた教職大学院の教科に関するカリキュラム構築に対する一考察
キョウカ ナイヨウガク カラ ミタ キョウショク ダイガクイン ノ キョウカ ニ カンスル カリキュラム コウチク ニ タイスル イチコウサツ
A consideration concerning curriculum construction concerning subject of advanced practice of school education seen from school subject content education study

佐藤, 勝幸

33pp.132 - 136 , 2018-02-15 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
Various approaches are done about the subject contents in the teacher training pointed out by the conference of the expert for the national teacher training system university faculty in the future(2001). However, as a lot of parts were performed by trial and error at advanced universities, we must inspect the results again. In addition, a so−called teaching job graduate school making is promoted, and moreover, we just face question how there should be the subject contents for teacher trainings. It may be said that the way of thinking for this problem has a big influence on the way of the future teacher training. Only the study of subject education contents studies can answer this question while we cannot show a clear answer in the question “where the specialty for teacher trainings is different from the specialty of the departments of literature and science” in. Moreover, it seems that it give us answers for the location of the subject contents in the teaching job graduate school curriculum. Therefore, while speaking a personal opinion about the purpose of school subject content education studies and the prospective results of the research, I consider subject contents found in the teaching job graduate school curriculum in the future.

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