Departmental Bulletin Paper 地域の特性を活かした中学校美術科の教育内容 : 美術教育のラーニング・リソースとしての徳島文化財探究
チイキ ノ トクセイ オ イカシタ チュウガッコウ ビジュツカ ノ キョウイク ナイヨウ : ビジュツ キョウイク ノ ラーニング リソース トシテノ トクシマ ブンカザイ タンキュウ
A study on the educational contents of art subject in junior high school to reflect the characteristics of the regional environment surrounding schools and the local community : From the survey on Tokushima Cultural Property as a Learning Resource for Art Education

山木, 朝彦  ,  小川, 勝  ,  鈴木, 久人  ,  内藤, 隆  ,  山田, 芳明  ,  栗原, 慶

33pp.152 - 168 , 2018-02-15 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
In Japan's education that has a centralized character, how to reflect the environment surrounding schools into the educational contents is one of the important themes. Regarding the contents of art subject, it is often taken up as masterpieces of Western art and Japanese national treasures in the domain of appreciation. As the subject of learning, Masterpieces of Western art and the national treasure of Japan occupy the center position. Although we have no objection of learning on such learning subjects to guarantee the quality of education, we will emphasize the value of cultural properties more familiar to our students on this paper. Because we recognize that Japanese education is at a turning point shifting to so−called "active learning" inducing learners' subjective studies. Based on these recognitions, we'll examine the reason why learning about the familiar cultural properties promoting the subjective learning. In order to avoid showing only abstract debate and to suggest proposal for teaching materialization, Tokushima cultural heritage will be taken up as learning resources and we'll discuss the methods and procedures how to incorporate them into the content of art classes in junior high school.

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