Departmental Bulletin Paper スクールカウンセラーに対する教師の期待 : 活動,知識,資質における期待の調査
スクールカウンセラー ニ タイスル キョウシ ノ キタイ : カツドウ チシキ シシツ ニオケル キタイ ノ チョウサ
Teacher’s Expectation for School Counselors

吉井, 健治  ,  津本, 裕子

33pp.60 - 76 , 2018-02-15 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
The first purpose of this study is to clarify teacher's expectation for concrete behavior of "activity", "knowledge", and "qualitative" indicated by school counselors. The second purpose is to clarify the change in expectation by comparing the result of the previous study (conducted in 1996) with the result of this study (conducted in 2009) in teacher's expectation for school counselors. The subjects of this study were 208 junior high school teachers. Factors in "activities" of school counselors were counseling, assessment, consultation, public relations. Factors in "knowledge" of school counselors were clinical psychological knowledge, educational psychological knowledge. Factors in "qualities" of school counselors were relationship building, specialized collaboration, understanding of the school situation, understanding of teacher.

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