Departmental Bulletin Paper 外国語活動の授業で手品(マジック)を導入する試み : コミュニケーションの手段としての手品(マジック)のあり方
ガイコクゴ カツドウ ノ ジュギョウ デ マジック オ ドウニュウ スル ココロミ : コミュニケーション ノ シュダン トシテノ マジック ノ アリカタ
A Case Study of Introducing Magic Tricks into Foreign Language Activities as a Means of Communication

石濵, 博之  ,  藪下, 克彦

33pp.119 - 131 , 2018-02-15 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
The purpose of this paper is to introduce magic tricks into Foreign Language Activities. Magic tricks are valuable for teaching English to children, because they like to watch them. Magic tricks as a means of communication are also a useful tool for helping children promote their language development. There are two objects to this research. The first object is to introduce magic tricks into Foreign Language Activities and to classify them according to the topics of the lessons. The second object is to clarify the effects of magic tricks from the viewpoint of children’s self−evaluation. The results of the research are as follows. Firstly, the children showed a favorable attitude to magic tricks and enjoyed them in Foreign Language Activates. Secondly, the children were interested in English through the magic tricks. Thirdly, the magic tricks used in English can help promote children’s positive attitude toward English. When carrying out Foreign Language Activities, we may introduce magic tricks into lessons as a means of communication.

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