Departmental Bulletin Paper 卒業制作に込められた,家族への感謝の思い : 小学校第6学年図画工作科の実践を通して
ソツギョウ セイサク ニ コメラレタ カゾク エノ カンシャ ノ オモイ : ショウガッコウ ダイ6ガクネン ズガ コウサクカ ノ ジッセン オ トオシテ
The sixth grade elementary school student’s feeling of gratitude toward family members expressed by a graduation project in the subject of arts and crafts

皆川, 直凡  ,  島本, 政志

33pp.16 - 23 , 2018-02-15 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
In this study, the class of drawing and manual arts introducing elements of moral education was conducted. In this class, introduction moving feeling and thinking was executed with giving special consideration to children's zone of proximal development. The results showed, the sixth-grade elementary school students think for themrselves, and conducted a graduation project to express feeling of gratitude toward family members.

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