Departmental Bulletin Paper 文献学的地方語史研究資料の発掘と言語事象の解釈 : 『三宅松庵日記』の資料的価値と風位呼称「ワイタ」の語源をめぐって
ブンケンテキ チホウゴシ ケンキュウ シリョウ ノ ハックツ ト ゲンゴ ジショウ ノ カイシャク : ミヤケ ショウアン ニッキ ノ シリョウテキ カチ ト フウイ コショウ ワイタ ノ ゴゲン オ メグッテ
Discovery of the resource materials for a documentary study of the history of the local dialect and an interpretation of the local dialect : Relevance of “Miyake Shoan Nikki” as a documentary resource and the interpretation of “waita” a local dialect for wind direction

原, 卓志

33pp.277 - 294 , 2018-02-15 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
To promote a documentary study of the history of local dialect, the following three steps are imperative : First, to discover relevant documents to study ; second, to accumulate language usages appeared in those documents, and third, to analyze and interpret the collected data based on the knowledge of etymology and linguistic geography. Concerning the discovery of relevant documents, this study focused on one month text of “Miyake Shoan Nikki”(三宅松庵日記,a journal by Miyake Shoan)owned by Tokushima Prefectural Library and analyzed the usages of the local dialect. The study confirmed that some words in the document are used in the present Tokushima dialect. It is demonstrated that the text is one of the useful resources when accumulating documentary data on Tokushima dialect during the sixth year of An’ei(安永六年1777)and the first year of Ten’mei(天明元年1781)period. As an example of an interpretation of language usages in documents, the author examined “waita”, one of the local names of wind directions in Shishikui−ura, Kaiyo−cho,Tokushima Prefecture. Based on a documentary analysis of the cases in “Shinsen Koreki Benran”(新撰古暦便覧)owned by Dainichi−ji Temple (大日寺)and a geo−linguistic analysis of the word, the author proposed a new interpretation of the origin of “waita”.

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