Departmental Bulletin Paper ホーレ・フェルスのヴィーナス : ドイツ・ドナウ川上流域出土の後期旧石器時代の小彫像等について
ホーレ フェルス ノ ヴィーナス : ドイツ ドナウガワ ジョウリュウイキ シュツド ノ コウキ キュウセッキ ジダイ ノ ショウチョウゾウトウ ニツイテ
Venus of Hohle Fels : Palaeolithic figurines from the Upper Danube Area, Germany

小川, 勝

32pp.476 - 487 , 2017-03-10 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
Approaching to the origin of art, the Venus from Hohle Fels Cave in German Swabia is the most important work to be dated about 36,000 years ago. How can we situate this 5.8cm high small figurine for all the history of art? In the same Upper Danube area, another examples have been excavated such as so−called Lion Man, animal figurines, musical instruments and a plate with human figure. These early Aurignacian 3 D artworks has been amounted to above 20 pieces, and we can compare them with the Parietal art from Chauvet, Southern France, estimated to be done also 36,000 years ago. What is the difference between Venus and animal paintings in the darkness? We continue to consider on the origin of art with 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional examples made by our earliest ancestors, Homo sapiens.

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