Departmental Bulletin Paper 心理臨床家の養成における「型」の意義についての再考 : 『異文化』としての精神医学の知識の習得をめぐって
シンリ リンショウカ ノ ヨウセイ ニオケル カタ ノ イギ ニツイテ ノ サイコウ : イブンカ トシテノ セイシン イガク ノ チシキ ノ シュウトク オ メグッテ
Reconsideration for the meaning of "pattern" in training course of clinical psychologists : Regarding psychiatric knowledge acquisition as cross−cultural interface

今田, 雄三

32pp.93 - 106 , 2017-03-10 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
In this paper, the author focused on some difficulties in clinical psychologists' training course, notably on an issue of psychiatric knowledge acquisition as cross−cultural interface, and discussed improvement method with reference to the understanding and attempt of learning process in the standpoint of cognitive psychology. In clinical practice, the basic ability of sentence comprehension is necessary in understanding clients' psychological problems. The schema, a systematic knowledge of social experiences in human feelings and relationships notably plays a considerable role. Furthermore, the author pointed out that various methodologies such as psychiatric diagnosis, psychological assessment and formulation are comparable to "a schema for understanding minds", and that learners should become more aware of their own schema−forming process.

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