Departmental Bulletin Paper ものづくり教育に向けた色素増感太陽電池製作の検討
モノズクリ キョウイク ニ ムケタ シキソ ゾウカン タイヨウ デンチ セイサク ノ ケントウ
Investigation of the handmade dye−sensitized solar cell for manufacturing education

宮本, 賢治  ,  加部, 昌凡  ,  栗田, 昌幸

31pp.277 - 283 , 2016-03-11 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
Recently, the interest in the renewable energies is increasing after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. A solar cell is one of the renewable energies, and especially a dye−sensitized solar cell is expected for a various applications because of low price, facility of fabrication, and high efficiency in electricity generation. It is considered that the handmade dye−sensitized solar cell is one of the good teaching resources for manufacturing education. The TiO2 pastes, the electrolyte solution, and the dye solution are inevitable for the dye−sensitized solar cell. In this study, we investigate the possibility of these materials for the dye−sensitized solar cells from the materials that are closely used in a daily life. It is found that a white watercolor can be substituted for the TiO2 pastes. It is verified that the iodine solution used in most of schools, and the commercial rose hip and hibiscus tea can be promising candidates for the electrolyte solution and the dye solution, respectively.

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