Departmental Bulletin Paper 国伝山地蔵寺蔵『國傳山并末寺寺家成立由緒支配宮等書上草案』 : 解説と翻字本文
コクデンザン ジゾウジゾウ コクデンザン ナラビニ マツジ ジケ セイリツ ユイショ シハイ ノ ミヤトウ カキアゲ ソウアン : カイセツ ト ホンジ ホンブン
“Kokudenzan narabini matsuji jike seiritsu yuisho shihainomiyatou kakiage souan” in possession of Kokudenzan−Jizoji Temple : Commentary and reprinted text

原, 卓志

31pp.169 - 197 , 2016-03-11 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
The records about the origin and development of local temples and the documents tracing training and learning of local priests suffered from repeated natural and human generated disasters as well as insect damage over many years. As a result, many documents were lost and the most of the remaining documents were left unexposed from public view with a very few exceptions. This study is a part of the research aiming at discovering values as historical sources of those documentary materials lying in a storage of local temples. It focuses on “Kokudenzan narabini matsuji jike seiritsu yuisho shihainomiyatou kakiage souan” possessed by Kokudenzan−Jizoji Temple. Based on the analysis of the background of development of the document and close examination of the contents, the author argued that the document is a valuable material not only to offer a new insight into the accumulated knowledge but also to reveal the issues for reconsideration. The author reprinted the entire text in order to introduce the document to wider audience.

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