Departmental Bulletin Paper 家庭科教科書における住居領域に関する記述内容の分析と考察
カテイカ キョウカショ ニオケル ジュウキョ リョウイキ ニ カンスル キジュツ ナイヨウ ノ ブンセキ ト コウサツ
Analysis and Study of Descriptive Contents on Housing Education in Home Economics Textbooks

速水, 多佳子  ,  西村, 睦美

31pp.308 - 320 , 2016-03-11 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
Home economics is the study of lifestyle in general, including food, clothing, housing, family, consumption, and environment. Few teaching hours are devoted to home economics, so little time is spent on each of these topics. One report stated that less focus is given to housing field in particular than to other topics, and instruction in this topic differs depending on the teacher. What to teach and how to teach it are important factors for effective instruction in a limited time. This paper therefore lays out what should be taught about housing field under current government curriculum guidelines. To do this, the authors determined instructional contents by comparing and studying the written contents of textbooks, the main teaching materials used for this subject. In all, 22 textbooks were used for this study, all from the 2014-15 school year : two used at the elementary school level, three in junior high school, and 17 in senior high school(consisting of 10 focusing on “Home Basics,” six on “Comprehensive Home Economics,” and one on “Life Design”). Analysis of the textbooks clarified what contents students should learn in elementary, junior high, and senior high school.

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