Departmental Bulletin Paper ラオス人民民主共和国の初等教育の教科書“World Around Us”が扱う植物分野の特徴と課題
ラオス ジンミン ミンシュ キョウワコク ノ ショトウ キョウイク ノ キョウカショ World Around Us ガ アツカウ ショクブツ ブンヤ ノ トクチョウ ト カダイ
Characteristics and Issues of Learning Contents about Plants in the Textbooks“World Around Us”for Primary Education in Lao People’s Democratic Republic

寺島, 幸生  ,  バンチャイ, マラボン  ,  沖, 彩菜  ,  田村, 和之  ,  香西, 武

31pp.270 - 276 , 2016-03-11 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
In the textbooks of “World Around Us(WAU)” for primary education in Laos, about half of its content is on biology, especially about plants. Considering the coming revision of these textbooks, we analyzed characteristics and issues of content about plants within WAU textbooks by comparing to Japanese textbooks for elementary education. We found that current WAU focuses on introducing plants that are close to everyday lives and is structured to teach characteristics and use of these plants. However, to raise targeted scientific research skills, it is necessary to restructure ― split, consolidate and rearrange ― the contents and teaching units based on children’s development stages and growth of plants so that children can obtain appropriate scientific concepts. In the future revision of textbooks, it is important to improve textbooks into more structured ones using strong points of WAU such as connection to real society and everyday life as well as realization of meaning and usability of learning science.

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