Departmental Bulletin Paper ジェネラリスト・アプローチモデルを活用した教師の生徒指導力の育成
ジェネラリスト アプローチ モデル オ カツヨウ シタ キョウシ ノ セイト シドウリョク ノ イクセイ
Development of the ability of the school guidance utilizing generalist approach model

池田, 誠喜  ,  竹口, 佳昭

31pp.88 - 98 , 2016-03-11 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
This study is those prospects for its effect by presenting a teaching model involving school guidance. In this paper, referring to the generalist approach that is practiced in the company flag welfare region, it showed a model underlying forces with versatile to accommodate the challenges of school guidance. Generalist approach for school guidance, rather than a specific methodology, it is possible to indicate the position for the corresponding and basic procedures and central perspective, be selected considering proactively countermeasures promising. Central perspective, ecology, and incorporates a system theory is to adjust the individual and the environment. As future prospects, it is necessary to verify the validity of the generalist approach model.

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