Departmental Bulletin Paper 学級担任が行う読み書きにつまずきを示す小学校1年生へのスクリーニング検査の試み
ガッキュウ タンニン ガ オコナウ ヨミカキ ニ ツマズキ オ シメス ショウガッコウ 1ネンセイ エノ スクリーニング ケンサ ノ ココロミ
A Study of the Early Detection of Difficulties in Reading and Writing by Teacher’s Screening at the First Grade

津田, 芳見  ,  青木, 真紀  ,  高原, 光恵

31pp.48 - 55 , 2016-03-11 , 鳴門教育大学 , Naruto University of Education
The purpose of this study was early detection of difficulties in reading and writing at first grade children, so we examined the screening methods that was conducted by a class teacher. Participants were 44 first grade children. There were primary test and the second test, and the former contents were as follows ;(1) symptoms checklist in reading/writing, (2)(3) hiragana reading/writing test, and (4)(5) visual cognition test. Eight children were selected to the second test that used WISC−IV and 4 kinds of reading tests. All of them did not have the intellectual disabilities, but in reading test, their score was a deviation level. In time of reading, half of them got more than 2 standard deviation level score. The evaluation of the teacher for the test that we used in this study was high except for the visual cognitive test. The findings of this study suggest that assessment conducted by a class teacher is useful to give multi viewpoint of the observation to the detection of the child who may have difficulties in reading and writing.

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