Departmental Bulletin Paper 全国学力・学習状況調査を用いたA大学学校教育学部理科教育専修生の理科の学力調査
ゼンコク ガクリョク ガクシュウ ジョウキョウ チョウサ オ モチイタ A ダイガク ガッコウ キョウイク ガクブ リカ キョウイク センシュウセイ ノ リカ ノ ガクリョク チョウサ
Academic Survey in Science for Pre-service Teachers of Science Education Course in a University for Teacher Training Using Problems from the National School Achievement Tests

寺島, 幸生

30pp.105 - 112 , 2016/02 , 鳴門教育大学地域連携センター , Center for Collaboration in Community, Naruto University of Education
We conducted an evaluation of academic ability in science among undergraduates of scienceeducation course in a university for teacher training using problems of the national school achievement tests. Based on the results, we found the following trends in their academic abilities: The students and lowersecondary school students shared some common weaknesses, and especially the college students were poor at some earth science problems about strata and physics problems about electricity but proficient in chemistry. Moreover, they implied significantly higher achievement in descriptive expression than junior high school students. These academic characteristics can be rooted in their subjects of study at upper secondary school and their specialized studies of subjects in teacher education. It is important for improving science education to share information about academic characteristics of pre-service teachers and problems and results in teacher training with nationwide universities of teacher education.

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