Departmental Bulletin Paper 若年教師が自身の状況と力量を受容し困難な状況を乗り越える過程について
ジャクネン キョウシ ガ ジシン ノ ジョウキョウ ト リキリョウ オ ジュヨウ シ コンナン ナ ジョウキョウ オ ノリコエル カテイ ニ ツイテ
Novice Teachers’ Process of Accepting Own Situations and Limitations of Competence

森下, 左知子  ,  葛西, 真記子

30pp.75 - 84 , 2016/02 , 鳴門教育大学地域連携センター , Center for Collaboration in Community, Naruto University of Education
It has been reported that the mental and psychological health of Japanese school teachers has been deteriorated in the past several years (MEXT, 2015). This study aimed to clarify the factors that increase teachers’ resilience in order to maintain and facilitate their mental and psychological health. Seventeen Japanese teachers were interviewed about the challenges they faced in school, the means used to maintain their mental health, and their efforts toward self-actualization. The contents of their interviews were analyzed using the grounded theory approach. From the results, the process of accepting their own situations and their limitations of competence were the central key concepts for novice teachers.

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