Journal Article A proposal for the inclusion of pedometers in animal experiments aimed at the prevention of and/or recovery from lifestyle diseases: a pilot study

Sasaki, Nobutaka

34 ( 4 )  , pp.225 - 233 , 2015-12-01 , 愛媛医学会
Object : Exercise is effective in controlling lifestyle diseases that have become conspicuous. The purpose of the present study is to include the use of pedometers in animal experiments aimed at theprevention of, and/or recovery from, lifestyle diseases of elderlies through light exercise. Rat models are preferentially used to examine the effect of exercise. Currently, there are numerous momentum-measuringinstruments available for rats and mice. However, most of devices available for rats cannot be used in their cages without video systems and/or implanted sensors. Moreover, these devices cannot be used toexamine the movement patterns of more than one animal at a time. Contrary to many clinical studies, animal experiments using pedometers, particularly in rodents, have not yet been reported.Method : Two types of pedometer for humans were remodeled and applied to rats.Result : Although there were some doubts regarding precision, with one type of pedometer, 24-h counts were recorded. The pedometer measurement of mobility in paired and isolated rats was 320.6 and 463.2counts respectively.Conclusion : It is expected that the present study should form a basis for the development of a pedometer specific for rats or mice, and as a result, animal experiments adopting such devices would provide researchknowledge that could contribute to human health.

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