Departmental Bulletin Paper 業務核都市の自然及び都市景観に関する市民評価 : 埼玉県春日部市を事例として
Evaluation of residential environment in suburban core cities in Tokyo metropolis : A case of Kasukabe city, Saitama prefecture
ギョウム カク トシ ノ シゼン オヨビ トシ ケイカン ニカンスル シミン ヒョウカ : サイタマケン カスカベシ オ ジレイ トシテ

中村, 哲也  ,  丸山 敦史  ,  Tetsuya, Nakamura  ,  Maruyama Atsushi

14pp.53 - 62 , 2016-03-31
The study examines residential assessment on the environment of suburban core cities,some of which have recently faced a population outflow and renew their urban planningactions. Data was collected at Kasukabe city of Saitama prefecture in Tokyo metropolitanarea. Our results showed that Kasukabe residents highly evaluated its agriculturallandscape while they considered that the number of urban parks or green spaces for thepublic was not good enough. Especially, waterfront or riverside environment is poorlyevaluated. Residents in urbanized area of the city or those engaged in full-time housework,moreover, tend to have much dissatisfaction at their residential environment.

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