Departmental Bulletin Paper 生成的コミュニケーションデザインにおける贈与の視点 : 大学の宣伝活動と進路を決める高校生の関係を事例に
A Viewpoint of Gifting in Generative Communication Design

上平, 崇仁

90pp.1 - 8 , 2017-07-31 , 専修大学情報科学研究所
This paper discusses a viewpoint of gifting in generative communication design. It is important for us who live in excessive information society to design generative communication beyond traditional transmission model. I proposed a viewpoint of gift as a social principle that creates that activity. In addition, as a case study, we practiced a "tunagu cafe" aimed at designing the relationship between the advertisement of the university and the high school students who suffer from career path.

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