Departmental Bulletin Paper The Dilemma between Profitability and Sustainability for Australian Companies in The Mekong Region : How do Australians Perceive The Mekong Region's Business and Culture?

Allen, Matthew

12 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 9 , 2017-03-31 , 専修大学商学研究所
Australia's historical relations with the Mekong have influenced its orientation towards business and culture in the region today. Seen through a first-world lens, Australians today are users of the Mekong's third-world goods, services and resources. Australian mining companies have been able to take advantage of limited regulations, few environmental restrictions, and a positive economic context in order to extract resources from the region. While supporting their own corporate goals, and in turn contributing to infrastructural development in the region, such corporations have largely elided engaging environmental regulations and social responsibilities in conducting business in the Mekong. This paper briefly considers one case of a mining company's actions in the Lao PDR, and poses the question, how do profitability and sustainability balance each other in a third world context, when first world expectations and funding drive the investment?

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