Departmental Bulletin Paper Self-Function and Occurrence of Social Anxiety as an Adaptational Warning : Empirical Understanding of 'Seken'

Shimotomai, Atsushi  ,  Tsunoo, Mina  ,  Kazama, Fumiaki  ,  Hida, Misao

7pp.1 - 14 , 2017-03-15 , 専修大学人間科学学会
This research aims at the empirical understanding of the distinctive Japanese mentality related to 'seken' and discusses 'self' functioning in an intrapersonal psychological process that is invoked in the social environment and social anxiety, which occurs as an adaptational warning. The study included 595 university students (M=19.57 years), and their self-function and social anxiety were measured. We found that the 'self-functions' were focused on their understanding and evaluation of 'seken.' The evaluation contents were fed back to 'I' indicating the early occurrence of anxiety as a warning. This research not only deepened the empirical understanding of 'seken' but also provided further implications on the adaptational meanings of self-function and social anxiety.

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