Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学キャンパスにおける野外解説板を用いたインタープリテーションへの活用を目的としたAR技術の活用の検証
Verification of use of Augmented Reality for interpretation purpose using outdoor explanation panels on university campuses

岡田, 穣  ,  岩尾, 詠一郎

88pp.31 - 36 , 2017-01-31 , 専修大学情報科学研究所
In this research, evaluation of information content posted on outdoor explanation panels using Augmented Reality and evaluation of information provision through Augmented Reality after actually installing outdoor explanation panels and walking around were verified based on evaluation experiment in the form of questionnaires assuming the use of outdoor explanation panels utilizing Augmented Reality in interpretation for trees on university campuses. As a result, the following points became clear in the research; 1. Providing information that changes the image of greenery area is possible, and it is effective to actively present information on names and present information on personal relationships, 2. Information presentation for its own sake is necessary based on the assumption of information presentation, 3. Appropriate amount of information provided on a place for a walk exists and people will feel dissatisfied with much or little information

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