Departmental Bulletin Paper オーストラリアテニスの過去・現在・未来 : ATPランキングからみた日本との比較
A Comparison Between Australia and Japan According to ATP Rankings

平田, 大輔  ,  佐藤, 文平  ,  柴原, 健太郎  ,  山口, 寛基

40pp.31 - 42 , 2017-03-31 , 専修大学スポーツ研究所
This research examined Australia and Japan in the ATP rankings and the international tournaments held in the past 20 years. Australia has seen a lot of successful players in the 1990s, this number decreased for a while, and has increased again since 2010. There were few Japanese players who reach the top 100 in the 1990s, but has seen since 2009. International tournament competition number are increasing since 2004 in both countries. Australia had a friendly system and education, when encouraged players to compete in the tournament. Japan is strengthening players due to the increase of the futures tournament and increased the ATP rankings holders.

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