Departmental Bulletin Paper 週一回の大学体育授業におけるトレーニングが身体に及ぼす影響
Effect of training on physical fitness in once weekly college physical education class

石倉, 恵介  ,  佐藤, 和  ,  富川, 理充

40pp.21 - 29 , 2017-03-31 , 専修大学スポーツ研究所
To determine the effect of training in a once weekly PE class, we measured the physical fitness and body composition of 47 university students (37 male, 10 female) at pre- and post-training period. They set the goal to either "increase muscle strength or hypertrophy (MS)", "cardiorespiratory fitness (CF)", or "fat reduction (FR)". After the training period, muscle strength and muscle mass increased significantly in the MS group. However, there was no effect in the FR group. The CF group was very small (n=2) and though they did improve no strong conclusions can be drawn from these results. These findings suggest that training in a PE class, even once a week, increases muscular strength. However, the training once a week is not sufficient to achieve fat reduction.

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