Departmental Bulletin Paper インバウンドにおける地域性とグローバル性 : 地域性のグローバル化を中心として
Regional and Global on Inbound : Focusing on Globalization of Locality

石川, 和男

11 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 7 , 2016-03-31 , 専修大学商学研究所
Foreign travelers and visitors have been increasing rapidly in Japan. They like the foreign tourists began to call as "inbound". So, this paper was first taken up the concept of inbound. It was put in order about the background where foreign travelers and visitors increased rapidly in Japan on it. They visit Tokyo, Mt. Fuji and Kyoto called Golden route by a visit of the 1st time. However, they visit various places by a visit after 2nd time. So they, in place called local, not only purchases, have different experiences. Products that they are provided in various places, leading to the globalization of the region. When many people say correspondence to globalization, they often think make goods and service correspond to the world as they take them out and are not embarrassed. Of course, there is a point that they have to change them by reasons on the religions. The things to which the goods which have been produced and eaten for a long time in the regions concerned are offered just as they are global, they made them clear to possess them. Goods, including the countries and regions of services with a high context culture such as Japan, presented a one viewing angle to be received in the global.

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